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Logistics in shipping, air freight and multi mode company in Sri lanka - Welcome to Dusra Shipping (Pvt) Ltd

Logistics in shipping, air freight and multi mode company in Sri lanka - Welcome to Dusra Shipping (Pvt) Ltd

Logistics Company in Sri Lanka,  Dusra Shipping (Pvt) Ltd is founded with a vision to provide Total Integrated Logistics Service Solution by handling and delivering your trust with care. Dusra Shipping (Pvt) Ltd covers all gateways / destinations in the world with global reach and worldwide warehousing. With our presence in major countries from all over the globe, we ensure global service in the reference to our customers. We are not only provide you tailor made solution but also customize solution of your choice in a very effective manner. The young and dynamic management team at Dusra Shipping (Pvt) Ltd contributes greatly with their new thinking by adapting new technology, applying latest and modern methods in the field to help the needs of customers. We provide air freightOcean freight  and Multi mode freight.

It’s very right to say that Logistic firms have now become a vital medium for transporting goods from one destination to another without much obstruction that is helping businesses to function improbably well. Also, in today’s combative world, businesses are taking panoramic brilliant actions to make their trade goods to reach out to the different parts of planetary with ease. Every freight service is best in itself as it is helping businesses to nurture successfully.

The best mode of transport is via Air as it takes minimum time and also has more changes of delivering the consignment on time. Air freight shipping can be taken as the best mode of transportation.

Multimodal becomes more and more important for transports within Europe. As in several regions population is very dense it becomes interesting even if the distance is less than 400 (300)km. Congestion is getting worse and worse, especially on the highways around cities. As certain regions have a huge waterway-network, waterways have an enormous potential. Combination road-water-road is giving now already opportunities. Not only for bulk and containers, but also for palletised goods. It is great time that governments pay attention to this topic.